About Pastels

New set of 120 (1/2 stick) Richeson Hand Rolled Pastels . . . the colours are too beautiful to resist!

The paintings are rendered in artists quality soft pastels (they are considered to be “paintings” when more than 80% of the surface is covered by pastel).  Once framed (using archival materials) and protected by glass, pastel is the most permanent of all the art media for it never cracks, darkens or yellows.

My technique with pastels is indeed quite different and the artwork more closely resembles an oil painting.  The paper I use is very “toothy” having a sanded surface that holds the pastel in a very agressive manner.  I have to actually knock off the clods of pastel to reduce the shadows so that it doesn’t appear to be speckled!

I have worked almost exclusively in pastel for over 25 years.  I came to this medium after studying almost every other painting medium known and I was hooked from the first time I held a stick of pastel in my hand.  They offer a directness of experience and the physical quality of touch as they are applied by hand . . . no brushes, no mixing of colours on a palette, no change in the colours as paint dries, no waiting for paint to dry, no thinners, no water . . . just fingers and pigment and paper.   The vibrancy and luminosity that occurs when glazing colour upon colour is unparalleled . . . the paintings shimmer as light reflects upon the tiny particles of pure pigment.

I know the  photographs of the paintings do not do them justice, so if you like what you see here, please know that they don’t even begin to show the richness of the originals.


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